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Color Management

Color Balance and Profiles

We use grey tag i1 photo profile software and hardware to profile our monitors and printers by doing so we believe we get the best colors that match what we see on our monitors.


It is important that each file has a valid ICC profile embedded. Without this profile, we do not know what color space your files are in. Most photographers use either sRGB or Adobe RGB (1998) as a working color space.


Follow these directions to properly setup your settings for Photoshop Color.


 When balancing your monitor you should set your target white point and Gamma curve to 6500k and Gamma 2.2.

 Open Photoshop

 Mac OS X users - Go to Photoshop in the Menu Bar > Color Settings

 Windows - Go to Edit in the Menu Bar > Color Settings

 Select a Working Space for RGB Files. Select either sRGB IEC61966-2.1 or Adobe RGB (1998). If you are unsure, you should probably use sRGB IEC61966-2.1.

 Select “Convert to Working RGB” next to RGB under Color Management Policies.

 Check Ask When Opening and Ask When Pasting next to Profile Mismatches

Whenever you open a file saved and tagged in a color space other than your working space, Photoshop will prompt you to convert to the working color space. If you would rather have Photoshop do this automatically for every file, you can uncheck these boxes.

 Uncheck Ask When Opening next to Missing Profiles

 Photoshop will assume every file not tagged with the color space is in your working space.


When you save your JPEGs out of Photoshop, make sure to check the “Embed Color Profile” checkbox in the Save dialog box. Without this checked, we will not know the colorspace of your files, and you may have unpredictable color in your prints.


You also need to have a properly calibrated and profiled monitor to insure that the colors on your monitor match the colors in the prints you receive from us.


The easiest, most efficient and most accurate way to calibrate and profile your monitor is with a hardware monitor calibration device. We use and recommend the i1 Display 2 by Greytag.


The i1 attaches to the front of your monitor and reads color patches displayed by the software. Using these readings, the software removes any color cast from your screen, helps optimize the brightness/contrast/color output and creates a profile describing how your monitor displays color. Photoshop then uses this profile when displaying images to give you an accurate color display.


We recommend the purchase of a hardware calibration device if you are serious about the color of your images. It is an investment of a couple hundred dollars, but it will give you the best monitor to print match.


You can find more information at www.xritephoto.com